Dynamic create controls in Report

Hi all,

I can use Arc or Line or Box to draw in a report at run time, how can I put string or text box or even image in a report dynamically?


Like dynamic controls on window.

Look in the help for “CREATE (return new control created)”. You might need to make the report band the parent. If you do have to do that, add a FEQ label to the band. e.g. ?MyReportBand.

Also look at SetTarget(). A report is never the default target, so you have to temporarily set your report as the target.

Also, here’s a “trick” to have the RTL generate a FEQ for you instead of having to specify one.

Pass a zero as the first parameter.


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Thanks jslarve,

Yes, I have found something on the web which says similar things as yours, and I solved my problem now. The key is:

a# = CREATE(0, Create:String, ?Header)
a#{prop:text} = ‘test’