Dynamic Image in Report Detail Band

Hi Folks,

Another newbie type question here as I feel I must be missing something obvious.

I have a field in a table that stores the full filename to an image. On forms I’ve been able to pass this to an Image control using an assignment into {Prop:Text}.

?Image1{Prop:Text} = Som:Photograph

However, I’m struggling to do the same to populate an Image control within a report Detail band using the same approach.

I’ve tried placing the formula in the “Before Print Detail” embed point as well as the “After Lookups”.

Many thanks for any suggestions. (It’s seems I have forgotten so much more than I thought.)


A REPORT is never the “default target”.

You can reference report controls in a couple of ways:

YourReport$?Image1{PROP:Text} = ‘yada’


?Image1{PROP:Text} = ‘yada’
SETTARGET !Restore default target


Thank you. I knew I’d missed something obvious.