Dynamic Menu Creation based on Table Information

Could anyone assist me please…

I would like to create dynamic menu’s based on a user authority in a browse screen.

I store the menu item text in a table as well as the users login id, and want to use this as the basis for what menu options are available to a user at runtime.

I have managed to create the menu items (by statically assigning a menubar as well as a menu to the browse), but I am unsure how best to handle trapping what has been selected and then executing appropriate procedures within the window.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Posting your actual code helps. You did a ItemFEQ=CREATE(0,Create:Item,?Menu )?

if yes that returned an FEQ of the item. You’ll need to store that in a Queue or something. In the CASE Accepted() ELSE you can check if the Accepted() FEQ is in your Queue and call your desired procedure.

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Thank you Carl.

That has been a great help.

I now have my code written that allows me to do this.
I created a Queue which contains the text of the menu item and the Accepted() value which is perfect.

Now I want to do it in generic procedure that I am going to call from all windows after they initialize to load the user-defined menu items.

The problem is that I am battling to pass a queue variable to the sub-process and then get the value back.

My code looks like


The prototype of the abovementioned procedure is:
(*QUEUE MenuQueue, STRING ScreenName, LONG MenuID)

I have found that the changes that I make in the subroutine are not returned to the calling procedure.

Is there a trick with this?

I have written a separate procedure that

Changes to what? The Queue?

Paste the Queue declaration?

To modify the passed queue can be done a few ways.

  • Prototype it as a Named Type Queue, most formal probably best
  • Pass the Queue fields that need change by *Address
  • Local Group that matches Queue