Dynamic queue for listbox

Hi there…

…I wonder if there is a possibility to create dynamically a queue and a listbox for it?

I know I could create a file on runtime with Dynamic File Driver.
Btw. is there a trial or some samples for DFD?


You can create a list box using the VLBProc concept which allows you to provide the data for the list box without declaring a fixed queue. @MarkGoldberg has a class on github for creating a VLB listbox. https://github.com/MarkGoldberg/ClarionCommunity/tree/master/CW/Shared/Src. See the ctVLB.inc/clw. Also, check out the help on VLB.

There used to be a product called DynaLib that allowed creation of dynamic queues/views/tables. I don’t know if it is still available.

To the best of my knowledge there is no trial for the DFD. It does work very well, especialy for dynamic SQL tables.

thanks…I’ll have a look on it…
I didn’t find DynaLib…maybe I have to look twice.
DFD is only for files not for queues, isn’t it?

Correct, DFD is files only. But with creating a dynamic file from a SQL statement you get dynamic Views.
See: Open Table Without Declaring on DCT
This post indicated that the DFD comes with an example creating a VLB listbox from any SQL statement.
That only helps you if you are using SQL.

I don’t know if DynaLib is still for sale. @Jacek_Kosinski has mentioned it on ClarionHub a few times but that was a number of years ago.

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