Easy Edge Chromium 1.7 - Label duplicated TRECT

I have these errors during compile;
Can I solve that or the developer

You can rename “TRECT” to something else in your code.

You are very creative with topic titles.

Thanks, but you mean rename ‘TRECT’ in the file C:\Clarion11\Accessory\LibSrc\Win\winapi.inc:269 ?

No, I mean your code. You can perform a search for “trect” in generated inc and clw files like yourapp001.inc, yourapp001.clw and so on.

Ok, but arent those files generated again and again during compile?

Sure don’t edit them, those files can help finding a place in the app where duplicated types or variables are declared.

There are NO errors - just warnings. So you can just ignore them.

Sorry for more questions but this morning:
Language is Dutch

it’s about an exception / cannot convert Comobject…/ no support for interface with ID…something like that

Oops, newest WebView2 Runtime 101.0.1210.32 lost StatusBarChanged event support. I believe it is a bug in the runtime and MS team will fix it soon, meanwhile I’m working on a workaround.

Here is a quick fix: Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Clarion.dll.

New WebView2 Runtime 101.0.1210.39 fixes the issue.