Easy HTML Ingasoft

In the demo app Mailer - Procedure SendMessage:


Suppose the first line in the message = ‘[a variable]’
How can I change this [a variable] via StringTheory

st.SetValue(????  )
st.Replace([a variable])
??? = st.GetValue()

oHTMLBody &= oMessage.HTMLBodyPart()

after this the message is sent

can someone shine some light ? I do not know what to fill in the ???

Why StringTheory? EasyHtml has FindReplace methods.

Thank you. Tried the help file that came with the template, but :hushed:
How to use that ?

just call appropriate method with a pattern ([a variable] in your terms) and a replacement string.

Still not clear, is there a Find and a Replace or
Findreplace(a variable)
Findreplace(replacevalue) ?

Search for “FindReplace” in inc file (this is easyhtmlex.inc) and see how those methods are declared.