EasyXML ver 1.08 released!


  • ClaXMLDOM.Load(XMLstring) now supports utf-16 encoded strings.


  • ServerXMLHTTP60.DownloadFile() method.
  • Configuration option “ValueEncoding” now includes XML::ENCODING:UTF8 value. It also applied to GetJSON() method.
  • Unicode conversion functions added:

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

We are known for robust, reliable, and most of all, easy to implement tools for Clarion. In keeping with our core philosophy, we introduce EasyXML!

EasyXML is implemented as a set of Clarion classes and template to simplify XML processing available as full source code.

Key features:

  • support complex XML structures including namespaces and elements with prefixes
  • support SAX Parser
  • load from/to Clarion data structures GROUP/QUEUE/FILE/VIEW
  • load from strings/files/URLs/binary resources
  • automatic Base64 encoding/decoding
  • automatic date/time conversion
  • supports data relationships
  • built-in JSON output
  • built-in XPath language to query XML
  • XML validator
  • built-in XLSX, CSV, HTML output
  • SOAP / REST support (Send(sync|async))
  • Unicode support
  • conversion JSON to XML / XML to JSON

For use EasyXML following is needed:

  • Clarion C6.3 or later, ABC or Legacy.

More info and demo at

It costs just $60… You will get full source code + template.

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