Edit in Place Disable at RunTime

Does anyone know how to disable a EDI filed at runtime. I have tried SetColumnEditType(4) but that does not work ?

Best place I have found:
MyEIPMgr.InitControls after Parent put SELF.SetColumnEditType(MyEIPColNumber)

But your conditional logic in the EIPManager.GetEdit method.
SELF.Column has the current column it is checking to edit.
Return false when you don’t want the column to be editable.

As opposed to having all conditions known at EIP Init, it seems GetEdit will allow conditional EIP based on prior entry values such as:

  1. Col1 EIP value entered is X
  2. Disable Col2 EIP if Col1 = X
  3. Enable Col3 EIP if Col1 = X OR Col1 = Y
    Is this correct?

Yes, you can control each column dynamically with GetEdit()

It would be really cool, much appreciated, if someone could post an example…

This is an example. Field:UMCode is an equate for the column number.


ReturnValue          BYTE,AUTO

  ReturnValue = PARENT.GetEdit()
!Put your conditional test here and return False top editing of the column.  
  IF SELF.Req = ChangeRecord AND SELF.Column = Field:UMCode AND MyConditionForEditing
    ReturnValue = FALSE
  RETURN ReturnValue
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