Edit in Place - Runtime configuration

Is there a possibility to set the column type for distinct rows at run time?

Hi Geraldo,

I’m not sure if I understand what you want to achieve. What do you mean by “set the column type”?

A listbox is the control responsible for displaying data, while a new control (e.g. ENTRY) is dynamically created for “in place” editing. It must be possible to set any picture (format) you want for the entry control in EIP. The edit control by default gets the format from the listbox column format, but I suppose it can be changed in the Init method (after Parent.Init) of the specific “EditClass” of the given control.

And regarding the display of entered data in the listbox, it doesn’t seem possible to set different formats in one column. You would have to use some generic string picture and format data on the fly using the “setqueuerecord” method of the browse class.


You can control the format for any column on a row by row basis.
See Styles in the help. You can create a style for each of the formats you want and then assign the style to the particular column for each row.

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