EHR/EMR Software for starting point


I am working with a free clinic run by my church. I am looking for a simple EHR/EMR software that I can use as a starting point to develop some thing for the clinic. The US GOV requires this or we will have to shutdown since most of the people have no or gov subsided health care. this is a completely not for profit all volunteer clinic so there is no money for the software, any money will come from me for this project and that ain’t much.
I used and have clarion 6 in the past and just got a license for the newest version. I look forward to any and all help that I may receive and it goes with out saying Bless you all.


Hi There,

I don’t know anything about US healthcare software (being based in the UK) - but I’d guess it will be tightly regulated ie you’ll need to meet certain specifications etc etc
This would not be an easy task for any developer - so maybe you’d be better off considering one of the available freeware and/or open-source EMR packages that already exist.

lists 7 of them which may or may not help you.
NB I’ve no idea how these packages work or what operating systems and databases they require.

Hope this helps.



I have a medical billing app written in Clarion 6. It is a discontinued commercial product. It was discontinued only because I retired. It does patient statements and both printed and electronic insurance claims (using the CMS-1500 format). I can send you a copy to look at if you are interested.