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Seeking an email and web site host recommendation. As a long time Godaddy client, I’ve become disenchanted with their move to Microsoft’s office 365 email. I’m seeking a simple, reliable, and economical host for my domain for POP3 email and a simple, place-holder web site.

I used JustHost for a long time before switching to my current hosting provider in 2018.

Thanks for your reply. Why did you switch? Who is your current host?

My current provider is located in my city. It’s more convenient than communicate through half a globe.

That might make for a better experience!

Hi Greg,

We offer web hosting -

Plus, happy to offer a discount to existing noyantis customers :slight_smile:



Hi Andy,

Thanks for reminding me! A couple questions.

  • Are there any potential problems in the use of a UK based web site and email? Performance? Legal? Regulatory?

  • What are the options for support for Windows (Clarion) servers? MSSQL DB?

  • How does the process of moving my domain(s) from Godaddy?


Hi Greg,

By default our hosting is within UK Data Centers, but with Edge Caching enabled and our Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) the access speed would be the same as being hosted locally to wherever you are located (within reason of course). Our CDN covers:-

For a quick read on Edge Caching, take a look at Edge Caching Definition

If you do run into Regulatory issues, then we can offer hosting via a USA Data Center (Dallas, Texas), but the costs would be more than advertised.

For hosting platforms, we offer:-
Web Builder

If its a Clarion app you’re after running, then you’d probably require a VPS instead of a simple web site hosting package. That’s no problem we offer both Managed and Un-Managed VPS too. We already run a couple of these ourselves for customer’s Clarion apps running in TS Plus - they are Rock Solid and depending on the VPS chosen, port speeds are anywhere between 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

Moving of existing sites should be relatively simple (famous last words) - we do have automatic migration tools.



Hi Andy,

What solutions can you offer to host for an AnyScreen server? Would this be similar to your TS-Plus setups?

If you do have a solution, where can I find more information?


Hi Brent,

Sorry for the delay in responding, we still had some in-house setup to complete for our VPS offerings. We’ll be making a full announcement tomorrow / over the weekend regarding all hosting / vps offerings etc - but in short, take a look at :-

For AnyScreen / TS Plus, then you’ll require a Windows based Unmanaged VPS - this will allow you root access to the Windows OS.

You can choose the currency (GBP, USD or Euro), plus during the selection process, you can choose the location of the VPS, either UK or US.

Any questions , please feel free to ask :slight_smile:



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Very affordable.
Great SMTP services.

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