EMS Sql Manager

Curious if anyone else has been using EMS Sql Manager (any sql version)?

I used to have subscriptions to several of their products, but I only used their stuff for very basic things.

WinSQL seemed to have more value for less $$ for my needs, so I let my EMS subs lapse.

I never could get comfortable with PgAdmin after using SqlManager, but will definitely take a look at WinSQL. I might perhaps have become a little paranoid over recent hacking news, but I do wonder if the origins of SqlManager should be of concern.

That was another reason I stopped.

Not that my data has any value, but it does prompt me to wonder about possibilities.
Very good products and a vast difference from SV in handling bug reports.

This is the WinSQL link. Not the site at winsql_dot_com https://web.synametrics.com/WinSQL.htm