Entry lookup issue


I have a form that is updating the panels record. On the form there is a lookup field triggered by a lookup button that browses the settings file and when a record is selected some of the fields on the panels record are set.

The issue is the field items are not being updated on the form. If I close the form and save it the records update.

Any suggestions how to force the form to update after the record is selected.

Also after the record has been selected I would like some code to perform based on the selection. Any suggestion where to put this code ?

This is a bit weird as some fields fill as I would expect. Others not.

Maybe you just need a DISPLAY()
To show the new values on the window

Or add the ,Auto attribute to the window

DISPLAY() does seem to be more necessary than it used to be in prior versions.

Using SQL? If so the required fields might not be hot and contain no data dur to not being in the appropriate view.

Sorry … the table on which you do the lockup, is it open ONLY for the search? Or is it used for something else in the process?
(It happened to me to have a lockup on a table, (Clients), and then, in a tab, in a browse, also related the browse table with Clients table. When the browse was updated,
the reference was lost in the lockup. I solved it by relating a Alias of Clients Table ​​in the browse)

If it’s TPS, you can set the SelectWholeRecord property on the lookup (or Lockup :slight_smile: ) browse.

Thanks everyone.

There was a mix of issues.

1 a coding error i was mapping to a wrong variable.
2 some fields were not in the lookup browse que
3 processing code was needed on the trigger lookup button rather than the disabled entry field

Thanks for your suggestions they really did help.