Entry Point Not found error - MSSQL

I am using C10, MSSQL, Secwin and FM3.
I have changed my standalone program to using DLL’s. The data.dll and the custservice.exe have compiled without errors.

When I run the program I get the below error.

OEMIscNotes is one of my data tables.
I put messages in Main procedure to see where the error comes up, but it doesn’t get to them.

I click OK and get this error.
Code Execution Broke

Any thoughts on how to fix?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Viola,

It looks like the dll’s don’t exist in the program map.
Since it’s not a standalone program anymore, you should install all the necessary CLA* dll’s but also the
third party dll’s (like clafm3.dll etc) in the same map.

See also your CustService.shp (shipping text file) in your development map.


Have you changed the data dll to include All files?
Also the data dll might need you to add the Basic driver to the list in the project.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.
Turned out I had too many DLL’s all over the place, so the compile was picking up the wrong dll.
Thanks to Bruce at Capesoft for figuring this out for me.
I will now zip up my files when I want to keep something so I can go back to it, but make it so that it doesn’t interfere with compiling.