Error S1010 in a MySQL Browse

Maybe the same thing happened to someone. I am using the Fuzzy Matching template in a Browse and it throws me a “Record Retrieval Error” Error in the function sequence (S1010) attempting to access a record from the “TableName” file. Returning to previous window. This it does only in some Browse, when I do a filter, I open the form and then filter again, the second time is when the error appears. I am using Mysql as a database engine.

If this is consistent, then I’d suggest using trace to find out what the difference between the first and second query is. It may be a bug in the file driver that you could submit.

Double check that tableName has a primary key in both MySql and Clarion

Try changing the Loading Method option from Page to File in Browse actions

I had already tried that and it didn’t work for me, thank you very much for the help!

In the dct and in MySQL I have primary key