Error too many files

When compiling the application gives me “TOO MANY FILES” error, does anyone know or may be happening?
Why does this error occur?

There is a limit in some component of the build system. Honestly, don’t know what it is.
A couple of possible solutions.
If this is a single APP/EXE, then breaking into DLLs will help resolve.
Remove any unused icons or resources.
Repopulate to multiple procedures per module if you only have one procedure per module now.

The limits on too many files appears to have been increased in Clarion10 but the problem still happens.


I got this error today when converting a C55 app with 431 procedures. (C11)

Now, there may be different versions of the cause but for me it was crashing at making the map. The theory put forth by Mark Riffey (with help from Dave Bratovich) in the Clarion Live Skype Group was that the map simply had too many modules to process.

My current setting was 1 procedure per module so I set it back to 2 and rebuilt the solution.

That solved the problem.

Hi folks
Just trying to fix the Too Many Files error Im getting when compiling my Clarion app. Im not sure what steps to take to change the setting of procedures per module, e.g. from 1 to 2, in order to solve this issue. Can you please assist with the steps.

While the APP is open
SV.IDE > Application > Redistribute Procedures

Then set the Procedures per modules
and click OK


Then regenerate and compile

Thanks Mate. Let me check it out.