Error while building clarion 8 application

Whenever I am building Clarion 8 Application. Always getting below error.

Error : Corrupt File (Zero length): idll32.obj in clarion .map file

Any suggestions please.

Not sure why that would be happening. I wonder if it’s a corrupt install. idll32.obj is included in the Clarion install and should be in the Clarion\lib folder. Are you compiling a C8 app or another version? Maybe the wrong one is being linked?

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Hi Amardeep

I skipped Clarion 8, but using version 9 and above I noticed that it sometimes gets confused, so to speak. I run across strange compile errors many times and the solution always was to delete the files generated including the map and obj files. I specifically noticed this when I was deleting some modules or renumbering modules. I have had a situation a couple of times when I was compiling the same app and all of the sudden it started throwing errors in some portions of the code I did not change (3rd party libraries). Deleting all auto generated stuff always helped. In fact even in clarion 5 and 6 I had a script to delete these files, can’t remember why though. I’d guess it’s because some .map files would refer to libraries you have removed from your project.



Hi Guys,

Thanks for your reply.

As Jeff said in previous comment, idll32.obj was corrupted inside Clarion\lib folder. so took it from another mate and it is working fine now.

Thank you.