Example Mapping App Using EasyEdgeChromium by Ingasoftplus

Purchased EasyEdgeChromium from Ingasotplus and I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with it so far.

Some key takeaways:

  • Has a built in server for serving static files from local resources. (HTML,JavaScript,CSS,Etc.)
  • Can call JavaScript functions from Clarion
  • Template automatically installs the Windows WebView2 binary files if needed
  • Has a very small footprint. (No large DLL’s to distribute.)

Worth checking out if you need an embedded browser in your application.


Hi Don

sounds good. Just curious if that is similar to CapeSoft’s Chrome Explorer or does that serve a different purpose?

Hi Geoff,

They are two slightly different things, maybe

Chrome Explorer is a wrapper for Chromium. Chromium refers to an open-source web browser project that serves as the foundation for several popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Easy Edge Chromium is a wrapper around Microsoft WebView 2, you can think of WebView 1 as the wrapper that you might have used back in the day that was a wrapper around internet explorer. CS File Explorer exploited that. Please folks don’t use WebView 1 Anymore :wink:

WebView 2 is based on the Chromium engine and provides a powerful and flexible way to incorporate web-based functionality into desktop applications (Microsoft’s Blurb).

I believe @Mike_Duglas is the developer of the Easy Edge Chromium wrapper, and it uses an in between .NET dll to do the lifting?

The main difference I think is that with Chrome Explorer you have to ship Chromium as part of your project where as because MS support WebView 2 in the OS because it’s part of the Edge browser, so you don’t have to ship a lot of files in order to get it working and it is also self updating within your application.

Also, of course, the different coding styles of the developers of the wrappers.

I think this is correct anyway :slight_smile: