Exclude fields from Watching?

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Is there a way to exclude some fields from watching to avoid “Record Changed by Another Station” error?

MSsql table, standard ABC Form template,

yes, some fields are being updated by triggers so I really don’t need to care if it was changed. And I need to update that fields from my application as well after.

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See “SQL Column Properties” topic in the help, I think “| READONLY” switch is what you need.


READONLY will exclude column from PUT(table) (generated UPDATE statement) but I need update that field as usual.

you can update that fields issuing prop:sql after usual UPDATE and triggers done.

hmm… may be this will resolve. but not really elegant solution.

Don’t have direct experience this WATCH() specific;
I’ve used a (manual defined) view for a similar check before to exclude a few fields from a SQL comparison.

Not sure if it is an option, but looking at the documentation (cla.10) for the watch() procedure:

You can now specify which fields are to be used to WATCH if a record has changed. By default all fields are used. However, if you have a specific field (or set of fields) that are always changed when a record is changed (e.g., a record last changed a timestamp field), then you can set the external name of the field to:
<FieldName> | WATCH
and then only fields with the WATCH switch in them will be used to check if a record has changed.

Alternatively you could consider creating a view over the fields to watch and change from
WATCH( file ) to WATCH( View )