Export PDF without Before Flush Report

There I go again, kkk …
I would like to be able to export my Report to PDF without it passing through the Before Flush Report, that is, only with a print button that is on the Form.
I’m using EvoQImgToPdf to export and I’m calling it in Processed Completed. Thus:

LocE :: FileName = CLIP (LOC: FILFName)
LocE :: Preview = 1
LocE :: EvoOne = 0
EvoQImgToPdf (PrintPreviewQueue, Loc :: Pargroup)

But this simply does not work, it generates .Exe, but does nothing.
Can you do this with EvoQImgToPdf or do I have to use another way?

I’m not familiar with EvoQImgToPDF, but you definitely want to move your code to after the ENDPAGE(Report) line. So the ‘After End Report’ or ‘Before Print Preview’ embed points are better.
Try that and see if it helps.

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Is this a template from Evolution Consulting (based in Argentina)?
Going purely by the procedure name it seems to be an export to PDF using embedded images (ie embedding the WMF files into the PDF output)

If that’s the case then Clarion can do that using the built-in templates.
Use the Report to PDF template and ‘Scan Copy mode’

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wPDFControl exports to PDF after the ENDPAGE statement