Export to txa using template and ClarionCL

#UTILITY(PDSExportUtil,'Export APP to TXA (for Clarion Command Line utility')
#SET(%OutPutFile,%Application & '.TXA')


C:\Clarion9.1\Bin\ClarionCL -win -aru PD1R.app PDSExportUtil(PDSABC)

Thanks Tony,

Somewhat related, are templates that generate TXA (and now TXD) every time you generate your code.
see https://github.com/MarkGoldberg/ClarionCommunity/tree/master/CW/Templates

Note the TxaExport.tpl version uses WrapRun.dll (and the source for that appears in a subfolder)

The reason for the WrapRun is that in C7+, the #EXPORT(%DictionaryFile) is broken, so we’re relying on calling ClarionCL to export the DCT