Extended to March 25 for New Option ---> CIDC 2023 Special Pricing Ending in Two Days!

Just a reminder, Early Bird special pricing for CIDC 2023 will be ending this Saturday!! Need more details? Head to www.cidclive.com for more information!

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On Friday’s CIDC LIve John announced the Early Bird Pricing has been Extended from the 18th to March 25.

This extended time is to setup a new Training option and give folks some time to reconsider plans. What’s new is you can purchase the 3 Day Conference "In Person "in Orland AND 2 Days Training On-Line i.e. not “In Person”.

This adds just $200 to the CIDC price. Training for $100/day is a bargain. You do not have to watch the Training before going to Orlando, the videos will be online to watch anytime (and many times) afterwards.

The CIDC Live Schedule page has been updated to describe the training sessions provided by Capesoft and Noyantis. I pasted them below:

The goal is to build a mobile-app, and support system (backend-admin server, backend-sync server and so on) from scratch using NetTalk. If you are new to NetTalk, then this will provide some deep insights into what is possible, and if you are a practised NetTalk coder you will discover new options, features and techniques.

The goal is to build not only a modern, fully functional desktop app, but to build a modern, fully functional web app to complement it – both from scratch! The desktop app will of course be based upon our latest toolset (Codejock, G-Series, Zoopletech) while the web app will be based upon NetTalk along with our exciting new DevExtreme UI wrapper toolset.


A reminder Early- Pricing ends TODAY.

On Friday John hinted it would probably still be up Sunday. If you miss it today then check tomorrow.