Feature Request Debate: Laptop mode - Desktop Dev Machine mode

So we can change the decor of the IDE in a gradient or solid colour limited way although I cant do a Mr Blobby colour scheme, but something I dont see is the ability to have code automatically formatted in the text editors when working on a Laptop or on our main dev machines which might have much bigger screens.

Has Visual Studio even got something like this?

Would it be useful if the smart formatter could be extended or an addin could format the code for the type of machine its working on?

I know the 80 column width harps back to the 1800’s Hollerith card - Wikipedia

Punched cards were still commonly used for entering both data and computer programs until the mid-1980s when the combination of lower cost magnetic disk storage, and affordable interactive terminals on less expensive minicomputers made punched cards obsolete for these roles as well.[30] However, their influence lives on through many standard conventions and file formats. The terminals that replaced the punched cards, the IBM 3270 for example, displayed 80 columns of text in text mode, for compatibility with existing software. Some programs still operate on the convention of 80 text columns, although fewer and fewer do as newer systems employ graphical user interfaces with variable-width type fonts.

But wouldnt it be nice if we could copy a project from one machine to another, either as single dev multi machine entities, or multi dev variable monitor team entities, or is sticking to the 80 column width order of the day?