Features requiring permissions (e.g. Webcam, Geolocation) not working on Chrome Explorer

Has anybody managed to get certain web features such as webcam and geolocation to work with Capesoft Chrome Explorer? We’re planning to make use of this in a point-of-sale or kiosk type scenario where store employees need to access a particular web portal.

I’ve tried to browse Google Maps using Chrome Explorer but it said it couldn’t get my location.

@Bruce do you have any idea how to get said web features working in Chrome Explorer? We’re currently using its latest version which is at version 2.06.

Thank you.

Are you using SSL? For geolocation feature it is required SSL connection to work.

The problem is that Chrome Explorer doesn’t have the capability to display the permissions dialog that’s typically displayed by web browsers. For example, if a site asks for location permission from the user, a dialog that looks like this will appear:


At the moment, Capesoft’s Chrome Explorer doesn’t seem to have the capability for approving permissions like this which is why web features such as webcam, microphone, and location access don’t work.

Ive asked Dries yo have a look.

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Thanks for the info, Bruce! Having this feature is gonna be a huge game changer for Kiosk-type scenarios.

In Easy Edge you have OnPermissionRequested event, where you can choose how to handle a permission: show a standard permission dialog. grant or decline a permission silently. Permission’s origin/kind/state can be saved in a profile, so for example next time a user will be granted automatically.

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