File Copy Functionality Throwing Error

I have a functionality where i can copy the tokens one or many to token, but while copying the tokens sometimes i face the issue which is attached, can anyone please help with these?

Is that your message or is that come in from the RTL

What language function and what errorcode is being returned?


Errorcode is 05 Access Denied, this has come from RTL, not a custom function message, and only happens sometime.

Also 48 Unable to Log Transaction

Access denied means just that. You don’t have the appropriate privledge to do the operation, or someone else has the files open, or something along those lines.

Hi seanh

Everytime I trigger this function I use to get different error, what might be the reason, I have attached the screenshot but I wanted to know the root cause, why these errors are different everytime, would these be a TPS database related error.

would these be a TPS database related error.

No, I don’t think so. Access Denied in particular comes from the OS. It means you are can’t access that file. You might be trying to open exclusivly and someone else also has it open. It might be a read only file and you try and write. It might be OS permissions.
Access Denied would also cause an unable to log transaction error from a LOGOUT statement
I’d look outside your program.

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Your errors are produced by your code - but you’re not posting details of your code.
So how can anyone really help?

Post the code and details of Clarion version and template chain (Clarion or ABC)


Application is developed in Clarion 6.0 and compliled i n 8.0 and these issues don’t come up regulary, this errors are intermittent and occur at any stage, if it works smooth it doesn’t cause any issues but once issue pops up it will keep coming, any idea on these, do you think these is the code issue or can be a clarion custom error?

Template chain is ABC

We still have no idea what it is you’re doing.
‘File Copy Functionality Throwing Error’ - does that mean you’re using the Clarion COPY command?
The ‘Tokens’ what are those, are they files on disk or database records or …

20 questions is an exhausting game.

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Yes the files are on network locations

Yes they are stored as a databse records in topspeed, it has questions and its logics stored