FileDropCombo how not to Add when Blank and Auto Number is Zero

Hi everyone

I have an update Form to register projects. In the Form, I have a FileDropCombo for contact persons based on the projects customer. The FileDropCombo automatically adds new contact persons if you write a new name in that field. This works fine. You can use an existing contact person from the list, or you can add a new one. The contact table autonumbers a unique ID number.

But if you leave the contact field empty, an empty contact person with 0 as ID number is added.

Does anyone have an idea how to avoid adding when the contact name is empty?


Add required to the properties of the entry field on the screen?

It would simply solve the problem, but I was hoping to avoid it.

Doesn’t happen on my machine. Looking at the code for TakeAccepted for the filedropcombo, it doesn’t do anything unless a) you are on the entry field (not just flicked the arrow button) and b) you are not in AcceptAll mode on the window. So you should be able to go in and out of your form without anything happening in the contact file.

Maybe you’ve done something weird and added in a call to prime the contact somewhere it shouldn’t be?