FileDropComboClass - Allow Sql LIKE Pattern Match as Alternative

Curious if anyone has successfully extended the FileDropComboClass to allow sql LIKE matching as an alternative to the standard alphabetical search as entry occurs.

Does this technique work for you ?
It’s not exactly a SQL Like, but you could easily weaken it to be one.

This could be very useful once I get the basics of the ABFileDropComboClass extended.

While I might be missing something, one of the things I’ve long found limiting about the shipping class is ALL records meeting the filter conditions are retrieved. However, on a table with thousands of records, even after a single letter is entered, the number of records to retrieve is likely significantly less.
Extending the class to get records only after X# keys have been entered is my first priority.

Once the above is added, I’m guessing it will not be much more work to include a property to set the search type (alpha, like, contains etc). My experience is with POSIX expressions in PostgreSQL and I am sure they will be sufficient for me.