Filtered locator - strange behavior

I have standard ABC (clarion 10) Filtered locator, sql database on string field:


So far so good.

It works but when you enter a string for search (to filter) then it highlights not the first record in the listbox but some “strange” record.

The generated by clarion driver query looks like:

WHERE (  A.DescFull LIKE '%nz%' )  AND  (  A.DescFull >= 'nz' )
ORDER BY  A.DescFull,  A.CompSysRef

and strange highlighting probably causing by this part
AND ( A.DescFull >= 'nz' )

not sure why. Any idea how to avoid this???

just note, if I use QBE and set string for search like

(which means contains of nz) then listbox shows the same result BUT set FIRST record as highlighted.

Been a while since I’ve used appgen, but it sounds like one of those situations where ABC tries to do a REGET on a bogus Q.ViewPosition that no longer exists because of the filter.

probably yes. But how to avoid it?

Been a while since I’ve used appgen or a filtered locator. But maybe there’s a place you could clear the queue out before the keystrokes get processed.