Filtered records

ABC browse box with some filters based on selected date value (year, quarter, month,…)
i would like to process only the filtered records without reusing the filter.
Records(Queue) Contains only the displayed records
Records(File) contains all the file records.
Your help please

There are a couple of options I can think of.

  1. Make your browse File loaded instead of Page loaded. The the records in the queue will be everything, not just what is currently displayed.
  2. Use this logic to loop through all the rows that are included in the browse class filter.
    LOOP While BRW1.Next() = Level:Benign
    ! Process record here


Thank you Rick
Using the Loop is a bit slow in this case but it does the trick.
The file loaded browse wasn’t an option for me.
Thanks again

What sort of filter is it?
What database?
What do you mean by “process”? RECORDS() isn’t a process? Do you just want a count?
What’s wrong with re-using the filter?