Fomin Reports showing "Premature Page Overflow"

My program uses Fomin reports. It runs many years with these reports.
Now, several reports show: “Premature Page Overflow” when I run those reports. I’ve read the comments on Oleg’s web, but do not understand why these reports (never changed them in years) now show these errors. Any suggestion’ s ?
Clarion 11.0.13505 - Fomin: latest version 3.45

Clarion print engine creates temp files, one for each print preview page. The files are created in the temp folder
(C:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\Temp) and have the format of CLAxxxx.tmp where x is a hex number from A to F.
I noticed that at normal use these temp files are deleted.
I also deleted al remaining files in that temp folder.

Have you taken note of what printer driver is being used?