Fomin Reports showing "Premature Page Overflow"

My program uses Fomin reports. It runs many years with these reports.
Now, several reports show: “Premature Page Overflow” when I run those reports. I’ve read the comments on Oleg’s web, but do not understand why these reports (never changed them in years) now show these errors. Any suggestion’ s ?
Clarion 11.0.13505 - Fomin: latest version 3.45

Clarion print engine creates temp files, one for each print preview page. The files are created in the temp folder
(C:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\Temp) and have the format of CLAxxxx.tmp where x is a hex number from A to F.
I noticed that at normal use these temp files are deleted.
I also deleted al remaining files in that temp folder.

Have you taken note of what printer driver is being used?

In my experience the the program is working fine in many PC’s but, y 2 of them NO. Premature Page Overflow!

  1. The /temp folder was empty.
  2. A report that creates 2 o 3 pages, begun to create temp files (HUNDREDS) until the error appears.
  3. The OS is Win 10 Pro.

NOTE: The report worked fine until last Friday.

Thanks Jef, but what do you mean by that ? I can use a virtual printer or use preview; all shows this error when printing more then a few pages.
The Premature Page Overflow is back or still here or customers do not print anything lately :slight_smile: it is very annoying

I think what I was wondering was whether the selected print driver supported the page dimensions that you were shooting for. But it’s been a long time since that question. :slight_smile: