Force Close of Browser AnyScreen Tab w/ Program CloseDown

Might there be a way to force close of the active AnyScreen HTML client tab in whatever browser is being used when the user exits the program? Have not found anything in the docs so far.

Not quite sure what you mean by ‘when the user exits the program’ does that mean when they exit your application or when/if they just close down the browser without properly closing the application first?

There’s supposed to be a redirect_url feature of the manifest file that you can set using NetSetup - but there’s no clear guidance on the newsgroup on how it’s to be used.
Anyway I’ve asked Marko.

Yes, when user exits the application, I want to close down the AnyScreen browser tab.

This probably has a better chance of happening when you get more access to javascript in the next version. I think you’d need to save the handle of the spawned tabs and act accordingly.

Sounds reasonable for saving a tab handle. Any other details on the next version rumours?

How they handle the javascript access is the thing I’m waiting to see. I don’t know anything about their release schedule.

Clinging to a thread of hope for another release soon.
At least one PTSS from me is marked as having been opened by SV.