Force Combo DropDown under AnyScreen

In a desktop app I am able to use either PressKey or PostMessage (WinAPI) to force the drop of a combo control.

Under AnyScreen, however, PressKey seems to do nothing and PostMessage results in a displayed drop detached from the combo control and which remains even when a subsequent click prompts the drop.

Any suggestions as to alternatives that might work or give insight into this AnyScreen bug?

I just wonder if this is a limitation of HTML5, in that some functionality might not port to other platforms and this might be one.

I dont have anyscreen but is this a HTML5 or javascript dropdown? If it is, Iā€™m sure others have asked the question because I think its not possible, but I could be wrong.

Likely correct in this case. I had indeed asked this question using a previous AS version but thought something might have changed. Unfortunately, I do not get to ask such things directly in the AS discussion group as SV years ago decided I was not a welcome customer. Thanks for the response.

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