Force my app to start on a specific screen

Can I force my app to start full screen on a specific screen, on my multi screen setup? And if so, can I get it to switch screen on the press of an onscreen button? (ie ‘send to other screen’)?

Each monitor has its own screen coordinates, say monitor #1 (0,0)-(799,599), monitor #2 (800,0)-(1599,599) and so on. So call SETPOSITION(Window, x, y) with x and y related to specific monitor coordinates.

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Windows has a Monitor API to EnumDisplayMonitors and GetMonitorInfo

awesome, I maximized the screen, and used ‘getposition’ to get the x,y… worked perfectly thanks

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Of course windows can move an application to another monitor by pressing win+shift+left or win+shift+right

I wonder if you can do a presskey to tap into that behavior