Forum (Discourse) has Thumbs Up to Like a Post instead of +1

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This forum software “Discourse” has a Thumbs Up like button to replace the use of “+1” type posts. The reason is those posts can make topics long, and require scrolling, without adding content.

I’ll delete the +1 post. I see you already clicked Thumbs Up. Thanks

This software has a lot of great features. This link has some tips and a link to a longer user guide.

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Just so you know I’m past caring, and am just killing time.

The problem with the thumbs up is its anonymous except to the person who got the thumbs up, its not transparent or open to scrutiny. Just like when posts get moderated, its a secret process open to abuse!

Hi Richard - It’s not a secret process. Try clicking on the number next to the thumb icon.


Its not intuitive. :wink:

For those that are not past caring … the buttons have tool tips that are pretty good.

Hover over the Thumb and tip is “Like this post”.
If you already Liked then the thumb is Red and tip is “You’ve liked this post”.
Hover over the Number by the Thumb and tip is “# people have liked this post”, plus the number lights up to indicate its clickable.
Click the number and the Avatars of those that Liked are shown.

Discourse is some nice software. If you read their site they have put a lot of thought into the software to make it work for discussion. Icons have features to show extra information (like a number or symbol overlay), some require hovering.

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When I hover over a thumbs up, the tooltip says “I’ve liked this post”. On the thumbs up which I’ve not made, the tooltip say “like this post”, it doesnt suggest I can click on the number and see who has liked the post.

If anything the thumbs up and number should be separate grey boxes when hovered over, in order to hilight their differences, but be kept next to each in order to maintain their association, instead of having the number and thumbs up icon in the same grey box that appears when hovered over.

My point still stands, its not intuitive! :smiley:


Another suggestion would be to display the thumbnail picture of who has liked a post automatically instead of clicking on the number, if that is an option. Probably the route of least effort for a short term fix and would then make it more intuitive.

The main purpose of the forum is to post and read Text about coding in Clarion. This Discourse software is about showing that Text cleanly with the UI minimal to make reading easy, it is not to see who likes the posts. If every feature was unhidden it would clutter the interface for reading.

At the top of each topic in the first post are a lot of stats and info. This is cleanly hidden under a drop area so you can get to reading the reply text.

Well of course.

So why have the function then? Is it for psychological reinforcement, maybe some consensus cracking as discussed here The Gentleman’s Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.) - ?

Yes I’ve seen that.

In short, Likes are one way the community drives these forums. Topics with the most Likes are ranked. Users with Likes are granted more rights. More details in below …


Its amazing how software manipulates human behaviour, I wonder where else thats taking place?

It’s taking place to one degree or another with every piece of software or machinery that’s ever had a help screen or a manual or anything else to make the human interact with the software in a way that the software can comprehend :wink: