Frame Menu only allows running One Item due to APPLICATION MenuBar NoMerge

Suddenly the Frame Menu is only allowing One Item to be running i.e. Start 1 thread. The menus drop and appear to work but do nothing. Tested simple things like Printer Dialog and clicking that Item also did nothing, it doesn’t Start. Debug in Accept loop did not show any Event:Accepted when one was runnng. Could not even Exit which had STD(STD:Close)

Source control showed recently the APPLICATION frame MENUBAR had NOMERGE added. Removing NOMERGE fixed it. It’s the first Menu Property so I must have accidentally ticked it.

I’ve used NOMERGE on MDI Child windows but never the Frame. I find the Help confusing. It appears to say the NoMerge would cause the App Menu to Not to display when children are open. For me it displayed but posted no events. I think “Global menu” menus the Frame Menu.

NOMERGE (set merging behavior)

The NOMERGE attribute (PROP:NOMERGE) indicates that the MENUBAR or TOOLBAR on a WINDOW should not merge with the Global menu or toolbar.
The NOMERGE attribute on an APPLICATION’s MENUBAR indicates that the menu is local and to be displayed only when no MDI “child” windows are open and that there is no Global menu.

Seems like it it might be useful to turn this on for certain menu items that you want to run “alone”. I tried setting Frame$?MenuBar{PROP:NoMerge}=True but it did not turn on, it returns false.