Free listformatter

Hi Clarioneers,

Here is a free listformatter (version 1).
Please make some comments to improve it.

The listformatmanager from sv is very complex code and i needed per user only one extra listformat

In the example (just realised it’s made in last c10 so txa and tcxd included)

  • i put a lot of comments for help
  • used ‘nobody’ as the username
  • The first column (in my case often used for tagging) is excluded
  • The groupheader will vanish (to complex ?)
  • i use the listformatter with the imdd driver instead of a queue and couldn’t make nice icons for fix and hide work. (107,7 KB)


thank you, Dirk! :+1:

Nice to know you like it Jos

Hi Clarioneers.

After some comments a better (?) Version (1.1)
More solid, now with icons and faster. (71,1 KB)

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Very nice Dirk!


Good job. Thank you…