FTP file upload not working

Hi Guys,

While pushing a file to staging server i am facing with the following issue, if anyone can help with these it would be better, FTP API issue is being showed to me.

PFA Screenshot.Capture

Am I correct - you use some (unknown) FTP API, send a file to a server and get some (unknown) server response and want to get help?

Yes we are sending file through

but unfortunately we are getting the attached error

Exec WorkingDirectory="$(OutputPath)" Command="$(PostBuildEvent)"

We really need a lot more information about how you’re coding this FTP call.

FtpPutFile is a procedure in WinINET

So are you calling that directly in your code, or are you using a 3rd Party template?

Error code zero when calling FtpPutFile indicates failure, but again we’d need to know exactly how your getting the error details.
presumeably using FormatMessage (maybe you should add a call to GetLastError to retrieve the raw error number)