General protection error when loading the app

I can’t load app in Clarion 6.3. It gives me General Protection Error and closes Clarion. Is there any way to convert app to txa without loading the app?


I can try to recover the APP. DCT and TRF files are required for that besides APP.

It’s been many years since I’ve used C6, but this issue used to pop up occasionally. There’s a file with the extension (I THINK) of .DAT. I forget the complete filename, but it’s under C6\bin.

Try renaming or deleting that file.

If you have any add-on file drivers such as IP or IMDD, etc , you will need to re-register them.

Try opening a small app before opening your big app.

Maybe you can open your app after that.

C60??.DAT file - is a kind of history file where Clarion keeps dates/times/sizes of compiled files, sources opened in the editor, etc. Unlikely it can be a reason of GPF at APP loading time.

To remove the TRF file and re-register all the templates is one of first things to do.

If the problem exists for all APPs, the problem is most likely in TRF. If exception occurs on loading particular APP, most likely that APP is broken and it’s need to recover it or at least extract everything as possible.

BTW, probably, APP’s backup file (BPP), if it exists, can be good.

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Hi @also - Yes, C60??.dat. It reaches a certain size, and everything goes to heck. It happened to me every 3 or 4 months.

Regarding opening a small app first, that seemed to help a lot with regard to loading the ABC files, etc. Then the large apps open more easily.

Whether or not it makes sense, this was just part of life using appgen in C6. I had well over 15 years going through this exercise.

I kept a “good” copy of C60??.dat to copy over the over-bloated one, so I didn’t have to re-register the file drivers.

If there are problems with the DAT history file, the work of the IDE’s ASL module becomes unstable. As result, it’s probable to have errors for not the particular APP only.

The only difference for the AppGen between small and large APPs is how large the in-memory database is after unpacking APP+DCT, resolving references to elements of templates and parsing INC/INT files.

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Thank you all very very much.

I have found that the main problem occurred in dct with one file with MEMO declaration. In app exist two procedures using that file. The Memory driver is used in those procedures beside the Btrieve driver. I have near one month old backup and in those procedures those tmp files are simply erased (with the warning screen) from procedures and that’s it.

This is the reason I would like to remove those procedures from the app, but I can’t open it for now. I would like to remove those procedures from txa and later to fix the damage.

And again, thank you for your effort and willing to help me.

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I think that I’ve found the main reason for this.

I have a large dictionary with more than 180 tables. I have exported this dct into txd and then back into the new generated dct with the similar name. I have been very surprised that my new old dct doesn’t have some tables at all, and a few doesn’t have some keys or relations with other tables that has to exist.

To be more surpriesed I used the Synchronization procedure in Data Modeler to synchronize these two dcts, and the same error “General Protection … see the log file” occured. So now I think that I have the main problem with dct. I have to find the way to reconstruct the old dct.

If you have an idea for this please help.

Thank you again a lot.

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Once you get this problem fixed… for future work consider…

I think C6 can be setup for Source Control so every time you save an APP you get an APV which is a TXA so you always have a text version. Same for DCT you get a DCV that is a TXD. Read the help on Source Control.

You can setup a private GitHub Repo to frequently save this and your CLWs.

Rick Martin’s source control add-in is really good, as well. Not sure if there’s a web page for it, but if you go to Clarion Shop and type “Upper Park”, you can see stuff about it, including this video.

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