Get Headers from HTTP via Clarion

Does anyone here know a way to get the answer header from a HTTP request via Clarion?

We found a .clw that trys to use the WinHTTP lib from Windows to the the work. The Post method is working fine, but I still cannot get the headers the que server is anwering to me to register in my system.

Thats the method that we are using:

WebClientClass.GetHeader    procedure(string HeaderProcurado)
BufferLength                    ULONG
HeaderBufferAddress             LONG
ansiaddress                     LONG
ansistring                      &cstring

        !determine headers
        ansistring &= NULL
        if wc_WinHttpQueryHeaders(SELF.hRequest, WINHTTP_QUERY_CUSTOM,HeaderProcurado, WINHTTP_NO_OUTPUT_BUFFER, Address(BufferLength), WINHTTP_NO_HEADER_INDEX) = 0
            HeaderBufferAddress = SELF.CreateSafeWideReference(BufferLength)
        if SELF.InValidState()
            if wc_WinHttpQueryHeaders(SELF.hRequest,WINHTTP_QUERY_CUSTOM,HeaderProcurado, HeaderBufferAddress, ADDRESS(BufferLength), WINHTTP_NO_HEADER_INDEX) = 0
                SELF.ThrowError(Err:QueryHeadersFailed,'Query header failed. '& GetLastError())
                ansiaddress = SELF.FromWideString(HeaderBufferAddress) 
                ansistring &= SELF.ReferenceToString(ansiaddress)
        message('Header: ' & ansistring)        
        return ansistring

I think most people tend to use NetTalk from Capesoft for anything web related in Clarion. Where are you getting wc_WinHttpQueryHeaders from?