Getting Error while building setup on Clarion 11

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I am using Clarion 11 IDE for coding and building the source in clarion 6 compiler but while building the app and making .EXE setup i am getting following errors as in attached screenshot, which infact is not allowing me to build app on Hudson,

Any help would be appreciated!

“you need a more recent version of Clarion to load this application file”.

this would suggest that the MsBuild command line you are using is using a clarion older than the C11 one you last opened the app in.

And what’s that Clarion8\bin line?

What should i do to prevent this error?

@jslarve in the first or second screenshot?

In the first screen shot. You don’t see Clarion 8 there? If you’re using C11x to compile C6, why is there a C8 anything?