GetVersionInfoEx dwMajorVersion and dwMinorVersion for Windows 11?

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It hasnt got Windows 11 listed, just wondered if anyone knows what the Windows 11 numbers are going to be or know of a link showing what Win11 will be?


I’d probably get the Win11 SDK and search that.

Slightly OT - FWIW, both win 10 and win 11 share the same version GUID in an app’s manifest:

And this one remarks that "the GetVersion and GetVersionEx functions have been deprecated. "


Well at least I dont have to update the manifest template I posted to the newsgroups a few years back. :grinning:

It’s 10.0, it didn’t change for Win11. Look at the build #, <22000 is Win10 and higher is Win11

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I downloaded the ISO and its filename is 22621.1.220506-1250.ni_release_WindowsSDK.

The manifest is interesting.

  DisplayName = "Universal Windows"
  PlatformIdentity = "UAP, Version=10.0.22621.0"      
  TargetFramework = ".NETCore,version=v4.5.3;.NETFramework,version=v4.5.3"
  MinVSVersion = "14.0"
  MinOSVersion = "6.1"
  MaxOSVersionTested = "10.0"
  UnsupportedDowntarget = "Windows, version=8.1">

  <File Reference = "Windows">
    <ToolboxItems VSCategory = "Toolbox.Default"/>

I can see this MaxOSVersionTested = “10.0” causing a bit of confusion.

Min OS Version is Win7 or Server 2008R2, so is the backward compatibility only going back to Win7 now? That will make weeding out old api’s interesting.
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