Google & Outlook APIs

I’m looking at using NetTalk 11 to access two APIs:

  1. Google Sheets API, (

  2. The Outlook API. (Either through or Nylas

Are any of you already using either of these APIs? Or if you’re experienced at this, how straight-forward vs difficult can I expect this to be?

Thank you.

I have one software connected to Teams via the graph from Microsoft and also the same with shopify,
Both use rest and different ways for login and security.
I was use libcurl (by sure you can replace this with NetTalk), but the real good player for me was be JFiles from Capesoft.
So, LibCurl + JFiles.
Not difficult to implement.

Hi Luis,

It’s encouraging that your implementation wasn’t difficult. I do have jFiles and will be rolling up my sleeves this week and giving it go.

Thank you.

I have a need for the Outlook API too, but too little time to dive into this. Any of you willing to share/sell your code (either with Nettalk or LibCurl)?

I haven’t attempted this yet, but I will soon. Feel free to follow up with me in a couple of weeks.


Not sure if this helps but our Chilkat (communications) wrapper template will enable you to talk to both Google and Outlook APIs quite easily. The product includes around 95 base classes dedicated various different elements of communications (eg, OAuth 1+2, Atom, Http, Rest, Imap, Pop, Smtp, Json, Xml, GoogleAuth, Azure, Amazon etc etc).

Then on top of that, we’ve created a series of dedicated task classes - the purpose of these is to do all the “heavy work” for you and provide a very simple interface. For example, one such task class is for Quickbooks Online, to connect there is a single method called “connect”, to download some customer details, there is a method called “Download_Customers” - this downloads all the customer content into a pre-defined queue for you. To update a customer there is a “Update_Customer” method and so on…

So far, we have dedicated Task classes for QBO, Xero, Paypal (in dev), PaySimple, Dropbox, Google (Calendar and Tasks), Detrack, SMS with other task classes currently planned and in development.

Adding support for both Google Sheets (which we’ve already done in the past but not released) and Outlook really should be a relatively simple task - famous last words of course :slight_smile:

Feel free to drop me an email and I’ll arrange an online meetup - or, drop in on our Monday webinar and we can take a look at what’s involved in connecting to such services.



Thanks Andrew. I’m going to give this a go based on Bruce’s ideas today but might reach out to you as well.

Hi Leroy,

That’s fine - still feel free to drop in on Monday’s webinar and I can take you through the basics of Google’s Calendar events API - the Spreadsheet API should be similar.

…Actually, I might look at adding the Spreadsheet API to our Google Task Class during the webinar :slight_smile:



I’ll try to make it. Thank you!