GPF on procedures previously working, moved to new DLL app

Hi all.
My main exe app becomes overloaded and, time to time, I move some procedures to a DLL app (existent or new).
Few days ago I´ve moved several procedures to a new dll app. All compiles fine, but I get GPF only in the procedures started as new threads, called from main exe.
I also have another DLL with similar procedures and works fine (event the procedures started with “start”).
Any tip?

Check the project settings for output type and link mode.


Check the global properties and look at the ABC settings. In particular if they’re set to external or not

Are these threaded procedures opening sockets for listening and/or as a client?

I have 2 procedures that were called asynchronously (threaded). Intermittently, it used to GPF. Digging a little deeper, I found that by added a delay between these procedures calls fixed it for me.


Many thanks to all.
It`s fixed now,
The issue was … me :angry:: For unknown reasons, I´ve imported the DLL as LIB into the caller APP.