GPS Reader App Available

If you or anyone you know in the Clarion community work with GPS devices I have put together an app to read GPS data via COM ports and Garmin devices.

It is a combination of Clarion and .NET. It also uses sockets to stream the NMEA sentences so other apps can use the GPS data. The app can run as a service and be controlled remotely via web sockets. For example, you can send it a “restart” command from a remote computer and the app - as a service - will restart.

The app does rely heavily on a variety of current Capesoft third party products. It was built with Clarion 11. The .NET implementation is “reg free” so no need to register an OCX.

I will give the app to anyone that could use it.


Example Uploaded.

GPS Reader (3.1 MB)


Forgot to zip the Visual Studio project.

The .NET assembly UDP port is 17335 if you want to “listen” for it. Everything is “Reg Free.” (1.1 MB)


Nelson A H de Carvalho
GlobalTech Systems Ltda

well this looks very interesting as im hoping to do a lot of work with GPS and Accelerometers for sport and in sculling boats ect.

HI what cape soft products does this use ? I would be interested in learning how to use this product as soon as possible as i have a lot of GARMIN products.

I’m doing a ClarionLive webinar on it on Friday, August 28th.

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ive also decided to get the samsung gear as it connects to our script language and from there i can call out to clarion in real time from dot net.

will whatch the webinar with great inteterest.