GradientClass and example added to ClarionClasses repo

I have had this class around for ages and in fact stopped using it a while back, opting instead for more minimalist approach to styling, but I noticed the topic popped up again on the newsgroups and in skype chat so figured it was worth a share!

  • It requires that you are using ABC. It shouldn’t be hard to decouple from the WindowComponent, it’s just a convenience for simple implementation!
  • You would probably also want to add the correct link/dll flags if you are going to use it in a multi-dll scenario.
  • It does not do everything but was sufficient for my needs at the time, hopefully it is useful to someone! </disclaimer>
  • Pull Requests welcomed!!! (repo is linked below)

Implementation is dead simple:

Gradient.Init(SELF, GRADIENT_FILL_RECT_H, 000b5f8h, 0bbeafch)

That’s it!

Result is:

Mmmm… :hotdog:

Classes are found in the Fushnisoft ClarionClasses github repo.

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