Green bar in List()

Good morning everyone, does anyone know how to make the green-bar effect on the List() element with a queue?
This effect is possible in Browse with a table.

  • Use the Y modifier for columns in the LIST format string.
  • Include one extra field of the LONG type after each QUEUE field with column data.
  • Define styles for even and odd rows using PROPSTYLE:* properties like in the ABCBrowses example program (BrowseJobsSTYLES, BrowseJobsMoreSTYLES and BrowseJobsSTYLES_GBE procedures).
  • When filling the queue, assign required style numbers to style fields in the queue record.

If the program can add or remove records to/from the queue after its initial filling, the better way is to keep records in the queue but use VLB for its displaying.

This post may help you. One example is a LIST with Y Cell Style used to change Font and Color.

I used the method of placing a long next to the data fields.
It worked out.