Group Control Border Color

Not seeing anything in the docs. Is it possible to set the color of a GROUP control border?

Seems like the only way is custom draw.

What about setting the group to not be Boxed and have a BOX control of the exact same size?

Had tried that, but to avoid a lot of screen redesign, I need to keep the group control text. Settled for now on changing the FontColor & FontStyle of that text when needed. Still not convinced that it will prompt enough user attention to the controls within the group. It is interesting that the group border hasn’t any properties that can be set.

I’d try to write a Procedure GroupMyWay(LONG GroupFEQ, LONG LineColor) that CREATE()'s a PROMPT() for the Group(‘Label’), and CREATE()'s 4 or 5 LINEs the Color you desire, leaving room for the Label. Work in Pixels as I would guess DLUs will not get the corners precise.

Start by mocking it up in the Window Designer to see if the look is acceptable. Drop a PROMPT and 4 or 5 LINEs with color, arrange to be like GROUP to see how it looks.

I do something similar, but use BOX instead of LINE. If you don’t need non vertical/horizontal lines, BOX will often paint a lot cleaner.

Definitely worth a try with either line or box. Like the procedure idea.

It wouldn’t be in the docs, but you can use GROUP and BOX controls together (of course), and it will appear as though the GROUP control has the color. For example:

    GROUP('Group Text'),AT(6,4,349,37),USE(?Group:1),BOXED