H5 Application Broker Error pages

Any idea on how to modify the error pages that the application broker (AppBroker) presents?
Ugly: “Clarion Application Broker” Restart exec/CMSFileSave.exe.0

Inside your application folder you should have 2 HTML pages:


you can use these defaults that are generated for you or supply your own.

Thank you.
I tried putting a file appname_stopped.html in every folder and subfolder of c:\appbroker i could think of, but nope. stil the ugly “Application Broker”
In my app the Box [Generate Launching and Stopped page] in the Global H5 extension -> window is ticked.
My Application Broker makes a new random public\sub-folder\appname.html each time the APP is executed. How to know what folder it will create, perhaps the appname_stopped.html file needs to be there?


The file needs to be in the Public folder, but you miss an extra underscore! It needs to be:

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Thank you.
That worked!

Great, enjoy H5!

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