H5 example app ?

Hello Clarioneros!
I’m just starting with H5. Would like to show an app in the browser and did it like in the Softvelocity video on Youtube. In the video works with JS files. But in my Global Extension makes html files. Unfortunately, I can not get it to work. Is there an example app that you can download from somewhere? Do I have to pay attention to anything? IT DOES NOT WORK!
Thank you all!

Others may correct me if wrong.
H5 - HTML5
The AppBroker generates an myexe.html file in the HTML5 format, which has several compatibility advantages, such as mobile devices.

Inside your app you can reference or load a Java Script files (file.js), like a fancy DATEDROP box, graphs etc.

Make sure they will work with Bootstrap.
What is bootstrap: [Wiki Link ]

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Have you solved your problem ?

I’ve just made my first application with H5 Template and copy the 2 H5 files into the public folder…it’s running :slight_smile:

Well work in progress,