H5 Web application only displays blank page

Hi, I try to recompile our web application from C6 to C11. When I run it in the browse it only displays a blank page. I have copied all DLLs from the shipping list to the folder.

I then created a simple application with just a text message and 2 buttons in the screen. And it displayed a blank page to me as well.

Have I missed any file?

My application is called testweb.exe and I could launch it from Testweb_index.html.

I have copied these DLLs to the folder: ClaAsc.dll ClaBAS.dll ClaDOS.dll CLAEZH.dll Clafm3.dll ClaIBC.dll ClaLAY.dll ClaMSS.dll Clanet.dll ClaRun.dll ClaRunext.dll ClaTPS.dll Skeleton.dll.



Usually best to copy the EXE and DLLs to the c:\AppBroker\Exec\YourAPPfolder
My AppBroker runs on port 8080
HTTP link looks then like this:

Thanks Fouche,
I have found the reason. My skeleton folder is empty.